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      丹阳市呈骏通讯器材配件厂创建于1998年外围网址外围网址,专业制造各类连接器外围网址,连接线及用户终端,广泛应用于音频/视频 、通讯、仪器外围网址外围网址、仪表、专业CATV接头外围网址。型号有BNC、SMA外围网址、RCA外围网址外围网址外围网址、F外围网址、N外围网址、SMB外围网址、CX外围网址外围网址、L9、UHF外围网址外围网址、FME、TNC等系列,规格齐全外围网址。目前所 生产的接头已近千种,经过多年的努力开发外围网址外围网址外围网址外围网址,采纳国内外先进技术,产品不断更新完善。


      呈军电子宗旨:创建中国一流接插件企业外围网址,以质量求生存外围网址、管理出效益外围网址外围网址、信誉引客户外围网址。热忱欢迎国 内外客户惠顾合作外围网址外围网址。

     Danyangcity Chengjuntongxun equipment fittings factory is built in 1998.This factory professlonally manufactures all kinds of linkers,link lines and user terminal.These products are widely used in audio
frequency/video frequency,communication,apparatus,Instument abd special CATV tie-in.The model has following series;BNC,SMA,RCA,F,N,SMB,CX,L9,UHF,FME,TNC and so on.The specification is complete.At present we can produce about one thousand different tie-ins.After several years of efforts and exploitation,also we have adopted domestic and foreign advanced technology which make our products updating and perfect.

     We do busibess based on sincerity.Our products win domestic and foreign customer’strust and love through their high quality and reasonable price.

      The tenet of Chengjun Electronic is to build the top-ranking linkers enterprise in China;the products living lying on quality;the benefit coming from management;and winning customers with oredit standing.
     Warmly welcome all the customers coming from domestic and foreign market to visit my factory and cooperate!


丹阳市呈骏通讯器材配件厂  地址:丹阳市后巷镇新弄工业园    技术支持: 镇江讯通科技
电 话:0511-86317869  传 真:0511-86315383  手机:013615298518  /  013506107869
邮 箱:chengjuntongxun@2008.sina.com

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